Pukekohe MotoGP Experience

Have been riding for about a year now, previously owned a CBR250RR and made the move up to Kawasaki ZX6R 636cc Ninja.

Have been on holiday for a couple of weeks so decided it was time to get it out on the track and put in some laps to gain experience and knowledge about how the bike really goes and handles.

The day started off with showers at home and i was beginning to doubt that the bike would leave the garage. We left for the track at 9:30am an the showers were around but it looked to be drying up.

First session went well, just getting to grip with the increased speeds, i pretty much knew the lines to take as having driven the Pukekohe Circuit a number of times, so it all flowed well from the get go.

Hardest part is racing with the big boys who are there on a weekly basis with a dedicated track focussed setup running expensive Ducati machinery on tires that no matter how far out of shape you get you will always pull off quick laps.

Being passed at elbow width up the inside of Ford Mountain by a Ducati 1098s is not a learner friendly experience for most, non the less its all about learning and being on the track you get it all.

Cant wait to take on the new recently finished Hampton Downs circuit at the next feesable opportunity. New trackday prices are steep here though at around $180 per day.

overall sucess with high enjoyment, saw a speedo flash of 240 something at the end of the 1.2km long back straight, and managed to keep it shiny side up after 5x 20 minute sessions.

My good friend Joeseph Curphey showed up with his Nikon to shoot some sweet shots. Cheers.


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