New Zealand 4 & Rotary Nationals 2010

My thoughts on the New Zealand car scene, and coverage from the 2010 4 & Rotary Nationals.

The car scene has somewhat felt diminished in New Zealand with many influencing factors including the reduction in the show scene to one event per year. The financial stress from the last year and the exchange rate in Japan has doubled prices of parts along with high demand from the USA.

People seem to have lost the ties and interest they once had with drag racing and drifting etc with less advertising and a market flood with 3 drift championships for the same drivers?. Everyone wanting a bit of the hype, instead of doing it right with quality.

While the latest shape  japanese cars are getting cheaper the import rules have restricted the tried and true, hard and fast imports. There is more urgency now having to quickly find the unmolested rarities before the kiwi style owners get their hands on them. Ruined with big flashy knock off wheels and wastegates venting out the bonnet, guard, door you name it.

Trackdays have increased greatly and the JDM time attack scene is where its at, as per usual its taken into a media event and sponsorship situation that gets overly serious driving smaller individuals back to enjoying the small twisty roads that NZ has to offer, which make for the best real time driving experience.

The 4 & Rotary event was expensive for spectators, possibly over compensating for not having the other 3 events during the year? Not impressed.

There are still the ballers out there with too much money and you wonder how people can still build some of the nicest import cars in the world. The show was predominantly daily rides now as the Autosalon competitions that run throughtout the year have been canned.

There was a first time drift show in the carpark which was nice to see.

On with the pics..


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